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How To Make Chocolate-Dipped Snowflake Marshmallow Pops

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How To Make Chocolate-Dipped Snowflake Marshmallow Pops

What you need...

  • 12 Homemade Square Marshmallows
  • SugarSoft Snowflakes Premium Sugar Decoration
  • Candy Colors: Pink
  • Candy Colors: Violet
  • Treat Sticks
  • Treat Bags
  • Candy Thermometer
  • Hot Pads
  • Pastry Brush
  • Cook’s Knife
  • White Chocolate or Almond Bark
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Corn Starch


  1. Make homemade marshmallows one day before assembling marshmallow pops.

    Marshmallow Recipe:

    1.5 oz. Gelatin
    8 oz. Water, cold
    24 oz. Sugar
    16 oz. Corn Syrup
    4 oz. Honey
    6 oz. Water
    1 oz. Vanilla Extract 

    • Stir in the gelatin into 8 oz. of cold water to hydrate.
    • Combine the sugar, honey, and 6 oz. of water into a saucepan and cook to 252° F. Use the pastry brush and additional water to brush down any sugar crystals that form on the sides of the pan.
    • Pour the cooked sugar into a mixing bowl and allow to cool to 212° F.
    • While the sugar cools, melt the hydrated gelatin over a hot water bath.
    • Mix the melted gelatin into the cooled sugar. Whip on high speed for eight minutes, or until well aerated.
    • Add the vanilla extract.
    • Spread into a half sheet pan lined, well oiled.
    • Flatten by hand or with an oiled piece of parchment and a rolling pin.
    • Allow to set overnight. Cut to desired size.
  2. After marshmallows have set overnight, begin assembly the marshmallow pops. Make a dusting powder to reduce stickiness by sifting together a 2:1 ratio of powdered sugar and cornstarch.
  3. Cover the top of the marshmallows in dusting powder. Then, turn onto a cutting board or parchment paper and dust the other side.

  4. Use a chef’s knife to cut the marshmallows. A serrated knife will tear the edges. Add some of the dusting powder to the knife to keep marshmallow from sticking to the knife. Cut twelve 1 ½” x 2” marshmallow cubes.

    Tip: To prevent further sticking, toss the cut marshmallow cubes into dusting powder and remove any extra powder by tossing vigorously in a tamis or sieve.

  5. Melt white chocolate or almond bark. Using the melted chocolate as glue, dip a treat stick into the chocolate and push into each marshmallow. Allow to cool.

  6. Re-melt the chocolate or almond bark. Add two drops of Pink Candy Color and two drops of Violet Candy Color to create a light violet hue.
  7. Dip the marshmallows into chocolate, covering the bottom half. While the chocolate is still wet, place a SugarSoft Snowflake decoration on the center of each marshmallow pop. 

  8. Allow to dry completely before putting them into treat bags.

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