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All Pro Football Party Game

All Pro Football Party Game

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One All Pro Football Party Game.  Includes 3 balls and 1 game board.  

  1. Tape or pin the game board to a wall or door.
  2. Each player or team throws one ball at the game board per turn, recording the number of points scored or subtracted or following the MISS A TURN instructions.
  3. Balls thrown outside any of the scoring or penalty areas are considered whiffs.  No points are scored and play passes to the next player or team.
  4. Two ways to determine a winner:
    1. The player or team with the most points after a predetermined number of turns.
    2. The player or team that first reaches a predetermined total (300, for example).
  5. All ties at the end of a game are broken by a one-throw shoot-off.  Highest score wins.


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