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12 Toy Capsule Party Favors for Candy, Cake Pops, Brownie Bites, Theme Treats

12 Toy Capsule Party Favors for Candy, Cake Pops, Brownie Bites, Theme Treats

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Twelve (12) 2" Toy Capsule Party Favors. Capsules are clear with red lids. Use these traditional vending machine capsules for a fun twist at a party! Fill them with candies or small toys for party favors, food displays or prizes.  These would be so cute for a Toy Story party.   Remember the crane machine where Sid gets Buzz and Woody?  Send your party guests home with a prize won from your machine.  Decorate a cardboard box to look like one and fill with these.  They can grab one on the way out. 
These are fabulous for lots of uses....

***Pre-Scoop Ice Cream and seal in capsules. Pop back in the freezer and serve at party time!

***Fill with Brownie Bites or Mini-Cookies for a sweet treat! Prepare your treats and cut them to size. Then pop them in the capsules. A fun and easy way to prepare, serve and eat fun most any dessert.

***How cute would these be filled with blue jello and gummy fish for mini-fish bowls for an under the sea party?

***How about chocolate pudding, crushed cookies and gummy worms for individual dirt cakes? Super cute for a farm party! The uses are endless!

***Think outside the box and use these for party favors. Create candy capsules filled with candies that coordinate with the party theme! Fill them with Conversation Hearts for truly cute Valentine Favors. How about individual hot cocoa kits? Put 3 TBS Hot Chocolate Mix and some mini-marshmallows in and pop on the top! Try filling them with gummi bears...YUM! Put some mini-marshmallows in first and top off with Skittles and invite your guests to "Taste the Rainbow!"

***Fun for a movie night!  Buy bagged candies (cheaper than small size) and fill them for everyone to grab one to enjoy while watching the movie.

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